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Welcome to Training Material Sample

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Our industrial training courses are designed to provide training in small bite-size chunks. The intent is to make self-paced learning really easy.

The visual presentation takes a variety of forms: textual descriptions, easy-to-understand graphics, interactive simulation, etc.

The purpose of this sample is to illustrate some of the visual formats. This sample is constructed by taking snippets from a number of different courses. Your actual course will be limited to its own specific objectives. For example, the chemical material shown here will not be present in the Power Plant Operations course.

Some of the material presented here may not make sense because it has been assembled from a few different courses. The intent is to give you an idea about how the course material looks. In a real course, a lot of simpler material would come before what is presented here. This is an extensive sample - feel free to terminate at any point along the way.

Any person with a Grade-12 education should be able to make his/her way through our courses easily. In spite of the complexity of the subject matter – the material has been designed for easy self-paced learning.

Our courses do not have math or science pre-requisites. All of the necessary math and science is included in the course – again, in easy to learn small chunks.

Some of the modules have a Glossary associated with them. We are showing one as a sample. You can access the Glossary and then return by clicking on the RETURN button at the bottom of the Glossary page.


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